Gruger has a large stock of spare parts for generators in order to meet the demand of our customers. We have stock of fuel pumps, battery chargers, actuators, speed regulators and voltage regulators among other parts of lower demand and turnover such as limit switches and modules.

We still have qualified professionals to perform repair and maintenance services in order to reduce costs to our final customers. For greater convenience in these situations, Gruger Grupos Generadores still has spare parts for temporary replacement while its equipment is being repaired by our team.


Essential elements in the operation of generator sets, filters require frequent maintenance. Clogged air filters have a poor pickup capacity and air supply to the motor, which can cause heating problems for the set.


Injector pumps regulate the correct amount of fuel for the proper operation of the motor requiring regulation and continuous care. A good injection pump can provide lower fuel consumption and better motor startup.


Alternators provide power to the assembly battery through the movement of the motor belts. With this in mind it is necessary to maintain and if necessary the exchange of this element. If the battery is discharged continuously this may be a sign of a fault in the alternator that carries it.


Speed regulators monitor and regulate the correct speed of rotation of the motor, so that it is uniform and according to the nominal frequency of the generator. Malfunction of this item may result in over-speed or motor operation fault.


Essential elements in the operation of generator sets, filters require frequent maintenance. Inadequate or poorly rated fuel filters can contaminate the system with impurities that may damage the equipment.


We have in our stock horizontal (sub-base) or vertical (aerial) tanks that meet your need to increase the autonomy of your generator set. Contact us for more information.


The modules of the control and automation supervision units - USCA - present the data of water temperature, motor speed, oil temperature and pressure, frequency, voltage and current, are essential for a good functioning of automatic generator sets. In situations of expansions of the power generating system it may be necessary to change the module by a model that meets the needs of parallelism and ramp.


Like automotive motors, stationary motors that are components of generator sets require continuous attention and maintenance with regard to the set of belts and pulleys that may be worn or dry. It is essential the presence of a technician for the exchange of these items in order to avoid damages to the equipment.

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