Gruger offers a fleet of Generator Sets with a power range for the rental of power generators at voltages of 220 / 127V, 380 / 220V and 440 / 254VAC in 50 or 60HZ. You also find generators from 6.5KVA to 1250KVA, or with other powers properly associated up to 8,000KVA.

Our products are available for rental throughout Brazil, from open groups that are fairing or soundproofed to work outdoors, and can be fixed or transportable. The generator rental and generator services Gruger Generators can occur from a daily or monthly lease, and even meet emergency calls.

Another differential of the generator rental is the possibility of interconnecting additional fuel tanks, automatic microprocessed panels and automatic transfer of loads.

Manual and automatic control panels can also be rented and have the specialized periodical maintenance service that involves important processes of conservation of the equipment, guaranteeing excellent operation of the products, such as lubricating oil change, filters and others.

In order to offer even more complete and responsible work, Gruger offers additional services that can be included in the generator rental service, see:


  • Technical monitoring.
  • Transport.
  • Discharge and installation of auxiliary diesel tanks, from 100 to 3000 liters.
  • Power cables and guards.
  • Load switching panels


During the rental of power generators may be included the contract of periodic maintenance and emergency services, aiming to guarantee success in the applications. Generator groups that have automatic panel monitoring, offer automatic power-up in cases of power failure.


The most diverse segments already use products and services Gruger Generator Groups, they are: Construtora, databases and processings, pulp company, banks and oil companies, meeting the requirements and standards of securities such as:

  • Containment box, fire extinguisher in the cabin, sound insulation and noise reduction.
  • Manual and automatic transfer switches.
  • Stec Sockets and Circuit Breakers.
  • Groups in container.

Check the availability of these items when renting your generator. We offer specialized service to meet all your company’s energy supply demands.


Gruger also has a team specializing in the transportation and installation of generator sets. Our fleet of trucks equipped with munck crane can carry heavy weights like the silenced GCW1K38 that can meet the demand of up to 1250kva. We have specific equipment to transport and properly allocate the Gruger generators, and our technical team is able to carry out civil works necessary for the electrical installations to attend the power generation system. We perform the installation of ventilation ducts, acoustic attenuators, exhaust systems, overhead or buried electrodes among other equipment and facilities complementary to the Gruger generator.


As an optional item for generator set rental services, Gruger carries out the tracking service. For greater convenience our technical team can be made available to monitor the functioning of Gruger generator sets.

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