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Power Generator Sets


Power Generator Sets are reliable and easily accessible power source providers. Gruger offers a complete range of products that address demands that can arise over the course of days causing major disruptions and delays in delivering results.

We supply generators that serve the most diverse segments of the market, being among them hospitals, factories, hotels, residences, large, medium and small events, besides offering assistance and preventive maintenance of equipment.



Gruger Grupos Generadores counts on the technical service of automation of groups generating of energy or systems of generation of power, giving greater convenience to the consumer unit for use stand-by, this way having the generator set activated automatically in case of network failure of local power, or in prime use, that is, with programmed operation of the equipment.


One of our great differentials is the manufacture and rental of soundproof generators, consisting of a generator set installed inside an acoustic attenuation cabin, which is covered by acoustic blankets that attenuate noise and vibrations caused by the operation of generators. These can reach up to 125 decibels, but when soundproofed, they reach around 75 decibels, preserving the environmental quality of the places where they are installed.


We also take into account Gruger customers’ need for alternators, either to replace obsolete equipment or to increase generating capacity, as well as for other cases such as small hydroelectric generation units by water wheel, we have alternators from 38 to 750 kva, consult us to check availability.

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