Whether as a primary or secondary source, it is important that you understand and try to find out which alternative best suits your needs. For each case there are variables in the application of generator sets, from environmental conditions, analysis of the electric quantities of the load, energy costs, operating and maintenance regime, among others.

Generator sets can be applied to various operating regimes, including peak times, emergency situations, power generation together with the utility, and so on.

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Industrial Sector

The generator sets for the industrial sector aim to optimize and prioritize the quality of production, together with the reduction of energy costs. The supply of industry and movement of the economy depend on energy for production, so more and more the industry has invested in the guarantee of its production with the generating groups, thus maintaining its energy autonomy and uninterrupted even in emergency cases.
The industrial sector, which includes the production of food, automobiles, medicines, clothes and other products accounts for 46% of the total energy expenditure per year in Brazil.


In malls, for example, generator sets can be used as a primary source of energy at peak times, where the operation of cinema, food court, amusement park, parking and other environments are operating with greater intensity, which generates greater energy consumption and a possible increase in the invoice, due to the differentiated tariffs during those periods. Thus, the use of generator sets can provide great benefit for this type of establishment.

Residential Condominium

Generator sets also have application in residential condominiums, being of fundamental importance in moments of light fall, avoiding annoyances like: getting stuck in elevators, not having access to the garage or the street due to the blocking of gates and even inconveniences in gyms or salons for games and parties. For these cases, emergency power generators supply the needs of the moment by giving continuity to the power supply.


Another sector that uses and needs generators is supermarkets and large centers of perishable food distribution.
In these cases, the activation of power generators prevents large losses, both food and financially, avoiding thawing of cold rooms and cooling towers, and can also save monthly bills if used at peak times.

Hospitals and Health Centers

Highly prepared to operate in emergency situations, energy generators installed in hospitals are mandatory and highly critical due to clinical processes, surgeries, and other demands of this sector.

In order for the hospital to keep its procedures in place, effective energy systems are needed to meet all demand without compromising the operating system and fully prepared for emergencies, so the infrastructure and technology of hospital power generators are extreme importance.


Holding large events requires reliable and safe power supply. Applying Generator Sets on such occasions prevents unexpected power outages and enables light, sound, refrigeration, and ambient lighting services to continue working. Power generators are fundamental as a backup source in holding your event so that everything goes as planned.

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